realignment in business and private life

How are you doing in your professional life? Is it like you thought it would be when preparing for your career? Do you still like to take on the challenges related to your profession, or has it rather become an obligation in order to secure your monthly income? How does this affect your private life?


If you want to address the challenges you might be confronted with during the process of setting new goals or exchange ideas, I can accompany you as a professional sparring-partner.


Our views of life are always influenced by our experiences and thought patterns. As neutral observer of your situation, I can offer you new impulses and alternative perspectives, which will give you a wider range of options to personally find your best solution.


Trainings in organisational Agility for Executives/skilled Personnel of the hospitality industry as well as other service businesses

Do you want to tread new paths with your colleagues and staff in order to strengthen the team spirit, which then in turn will further improve the relationships with your clients as well as the reputation of your company?


I am pleased to support you in acquiring the agile mindset with which you and your team can create respective changes and put them into practice. 


Systemic constellations

What are systemic constellations?

Part of the systemic approach is the so-called systemic constellation or structuring. These could be focused, for example on:

  • professional issues
  • organizational challenges
  • goal finding and clarification of personal themes
  • family affairs

Constellations can either take place in individual sessions or also in group settings. In both cases the client firstly defines a clear and positive goal with the support of the coach. Then both agree on the most suitable constellation format.


Individual settings

In an individual setting, for instance, the client would arrange wooden figurines as representatives for people or things related to his issue. This helps with externalizing and reflecting the issues from the positions of the different representatives. Another constellation format could be the work with ground anchors.


Group Settings

When a constellation takes place in a group setting, the client would choose group members to represent people or things related to his issue. If they agree to take on the representative role, the client arranges them in a way, which is coherent for him. The representatives will then emphasize with their role. After that they will give feedback about how they feel, especially regarding their positioning to the other representatives. During this process they are accompanied by the constellation supervisor, who then assists in developing a solution. Once this is accomplished, the client changes place with his representative in order to consciously experience and internalize that position.  At the end of the session all representatives leave their roles by a symbolic gesture i.e. a big step and the client thanks them for their support.

(For convenience the masculine form was chosen in the text.)


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